Setup Classes With Fees

This module keeps track of the class and subjects offered by the institute/School along with the fees and duration of each subject. It allows you to add/modify class and subject information.
Fees can be defined at class level (combined fee for all subjects in that class)

Add a class with fees:
First select the class tab, click on “New/Modify” and add the names of the classes that are offered at your institute/school. Here Class fees can be defined with the number of the maximum subjects. Enter the number of the maximum subjects. After defining class, add subjects under
the class.School Management Software

Add a subject:
Then select the subject tab to add the subjects belonging to the class. Select the class name added earlier and add the names of the subjects that are offered under the selected class at your institute/school.
While adding the subjects under particular Class you can add the subject either compulsory Or Optional. You can add the particular subject under subject group as well. You can also add particular subject code of that subject as well as maximum periods for that subject.

School Management Software

Add Class Fees:
Then select the Class fees tab to add the fees for different fee category. Select
the class name added earlier and from drop down select fees category & you can
define the fees either as Total fees or Monthly fees.Setup Fees in School Software

Search Subjects
There is a “Search” form using which you can search for subjects based on any of the specified criteria.
E.g. In the following form, select “Class teacher” Amaan Khan and click on “Go” to see all the subjects that Amaan Khan teaches.SCHOEX Software

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